3 Coolest Amenities at Beijing International Airport
August 3, 2019
Greg Hill

Do you think long layovers automatically mean “major bummer”? If so, then you’ve never been to the airport in Beijing.

Located about 20 miles northeast of the city’s center, this international airport is huge — and a major hub for travelers from all around the globe. It may not surprise you that it’s one of the busiest airports in the world. But what you may not know is that it’s chock-full of great amenities for travelers. Here are three of the coolest amenities at Beijing Capital International Airport.

Artful Rest Areas

A statue of four dragons holding a sphere
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Throughout  Beijing International Airport, there are several so-called “Rest Zones” where you can relax in comfortable chairs in calm, curated settings. Here’s a sampling of some of the rest zones you can choose from:

Comfortable Sleeping Areas

Exterior of Beijing International Airport
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A long layover can be tricky in terms of maintaining a regular sleep schedule. There may not be enough time to get a proper hotel room, but it may be long enough that you feel like you need a serious nap. For those in-between times, the Beijing International Airport has you covered with a variety of thoughtful sleep solutions.

Inside the terminal, you’ll find several “hourly lounges” where you can rent a basic room and bathroom by the hour. Less expensive options are available, too, with shared bathrooms or shared bedrooms.

For a simpler, no-frills experience, they also have sleeping pods, which are reclining chairs that have a cover so that you can block out light and noise. These pods are tricked out with everything you need, like device chargers and space for your personal items. They can be rented by the hour.

As an added bonus, there are also several places throughout the terminal to shower. Travel often has the effect of making you feel a little grimy; these paid stalls allow you to wash up before the next leg of your journey so that you can travel and arrive refreshed.

Design-Forward Indoor Gardens

Terminal at Beijing International Airport
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Feeling cooped up? You can get a great outdoors experience without stepping foot outside. Why? Because there are not one but two indoor garden areas.

The most prominent garden space is located in Terminal 3. It’s inspired by the famous imperial gardens at the city’s Summer Palace and features pavilions and details that go above and beyond most airport decor offerings. You’ll feel like you took a mini vacation right in the airport!

But that’s not the only place to find some green. Should you decide to take the people-moving train between terminals, you’ll also encounter a unique underground garden tunnel.

A long layover is a pleasure at Beijing Capital International Airport, where there are enough amenities to keep you comfortable and occupied during even an hours-long wait. With places to shower, rest, and restore, it’s the perfect stopping point to help you arrive refreshed at your final destination.