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June 4, 2019
Zack Creach

2 Best Towns for Summer in Switzerland

Switzerland is often described as a winter wonderland. It is a beautiful place to visit in the colder months, when everything is covered in snow. But what about the summer months? Is Switzerland still worth visiting when it's not below freezing? The answer to this is yes! Here are three of the best towns to visit in Switzerland this summer.


Credit: Ekaterina Grivet/Shutterstock

If you are a fan of The Sound of Music, you will love Verbier. This village in the Swiss Alps is nestled in the mountains, and is full of huge, rolling hills and fields of grass and wildflowers in the summer. Visitors can go mountaineering, hiking, mountain biking, or even skydiving. You can also take a walk on the Aerial Walkway, hidden away in the forest and made up of several different courses of increasing difficulty. Fitness fanatics can play tennis or squash at several designated facilities, or you can enjoy some relaxing yoga or a wellness retreat to reconnect with yourself. Nature lovers can go fishing and horseback riding as well - there is really no end to all the things you can do in Verbier in the summer!


Credit: Eva Bocek/Shutterstock

Lugano is a town that combines the best of both Switzerland and its neighbor, Italy. It also combines all the best of city life in a small town setting, making it a great place to spend your summer vacation. While spring in Lugano is best known for its blooming camellias, the summer brings with it even more gorgeous sub-tropical plants. The Parco Civico on the lake shore in particular is a good place to enjoy the summer sun, and the Belvedere Gardens are home to not just colorful flowers, but also several works of modern art. In fact, the entire city of Lugano is focused on art, as it hosts several art exhibitions each year at the Museo d'Arte della Svizzera Italiana (MASI) that include paintings and other artwork by such famous artists as Renoir and Degas. If you are an artist yourself, you will feel inspired by the picturesque mountains near the town, as well as the stunning Lake Lugano. If fashion is more your style of art, though, you are in luck here, too: Italy's influence on this town makes for some fantastic shopping opportunities.