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April 4, 2019
Zack Creach

5 Amazing Things About Club 33, Disney's Secret Restaurant

Located inside the Disneyland Resort, Club 33 is an exclusive restaurant that is only open to club members and their invited guests. It has a strict dress code and strict policies regarding social media, making it even more elusive to non-members. With a supposed 10-plus year waiting list and an initial membership initiation fee that rivals a brand-new car, it’s no surprise that Disney fans are fascinated with the restaurant behind the secret door.

Club 33 Is the Only Place You Can Drink Alcohol Inside Disneyland Park

Credit: @disneyland33member

For the over-21 crowd visiting the Disneyland Resort, being able to have a glass of wine or a cocktail inside the park brings some bragging rights. Even the mocktails are impressive at Club 33. Expect fancy garnishes and Club 33 stirrers on drinks you order here.

Club 33’s Original Elevator Is Now a Booth Inside the Restaurant

Credit: @disneyland33member

In the original Club 33, an old, open-air elevator took visitors to the second floor. After the 2014 redesign and renovation, the entrance location changed. The antique elevator was removed and turned into a booth inside Club 33. It’s an extremely tight fit, so it’s more on display for nostalgic reasons. Legend has it that Walt and his wife were in New Orleans when they spotted an elevator Walt had to have for Club 33. When the hotel wouldn’t sell it, he had his Imagineers design one with updated safety features.