[A] Which Caribbean isle is called the "Nature Island"?
April 2, 2019
Zack Creach

5 Ways to Travel to the Caribbean on a Budget

A Caribbean holiday typically summons cringe-worthy thoughts of pricey plane tickets, extravagant resorts and expensive meals. While an overpriced trip to the Caribbean is easy to plan, it certainly isn’t the only way to travel to this stunning region. There are creative ways to find affordable transportation options and budget accommodation – if you know where to look for them.

That’s where we come in. Below you’ll find the five ways you can explore the Caribbean without destroying your budget.

5. Pick the Right Destination

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This is first and foremost. Naturally, some places are more expensive than others, so picking the right tropical location is key to a successful budget Caribbean trip. And remember, these places don’t have to be islands.

The east coast of Mexico, for example, is a great place for a budget Caribbean holiday. Notoriously cheap and gorgeous, Cancun and surrounding areas like Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and the island of Cozumel, are big hits among spring breakers and budget travelers. Bundle a flight from New York City with a 7-night stay in an all-inclusive, 4-star hotel for roughly $800. Bargains like this are easy to find in this area.

The fierce competition between the all-inclusive hotels in Punta Cana in addition to the multitude of direct flights from many U.S. destinations (like Washington D.C., Boston, New York and Miami) make a holiday in the Dominican Republic totally feasible. If you’re not into the all-inclusive scene, mid-range hotels with high ratings can be found for around $60/night.

You can find shockingly cheap airfare (around $400) from New York City to the island of Curacao, thanks to Copa Airlines and JetBlue’s budget-friendly round trip fare in April. Additionally (and also thanks to JetBlue and Delta), flying into Kingston, Jamaica from New York City can score you a mid-winter holiday for only $365 round trip.

4. Travel During the Offseason

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This is a tip that never loses its value — literally. Traveling anywhere in the offseason is especially friendly to your wallet. This is also true for Caribbean travel. The peak travel months for this region are December to March, so if you pull the trigger early and travel in fall or hold out until early spring, you’re guaranteed to get the best deals on airfare and hotel stays.

Exceptions do apply, however. Places like Jamaica and Cancun surprise with more-than-reasonable airfare at any time of the year. These are two destinations to check when the mid-winter blues get you down.