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April 4, 2019
Zack Creach

The Ultimate Foodie’s Guide to Italy

Italy is undeniably one of the best countries in the world when it comes to food. Food travelers flock to Italy not only for its pasta, pizza, gelato and wine, but also for the history that makes Italian food so iconic. Italy isn’t just good at making food, the country is good at protecting the ingredients and traditions that make Italian food so delicious. This means if you want to try certain ingredients and dishes, you will need to explore multiple regions of Italy. Here’s a look at some of best destinations for foodies to visit on their Italian vacation.


Credit: Maudib/iStock

Tuscany includes iconic destinations like Florence, Siena and Pisa. The region is most famous for its rolling, vineyard-covered countryside, which produces some of the best Chianti in the world. Aside from the wine, Tuscany is renowned for its rustic cuisine. If you’re an adventurous eater, try a lampredotto sandwich, which contains tripe covered in a spicy sauce. Tuscany is also known for its soups, especially in the colder winter months, so order a bowl of ribollita, a vegetable and bread soup. During the summer, sample panzanella, a cold salad of bread soaked in balsamic vinegar and mixed with onions, tomato and basil then topped with olive oil. When dinner rolls around,b ring your appetite and try a giant bistecca Fiorentina, a T-bone steak from the Chiana Valley region.


Sicily is a special island that is home to more than just the tallest volcano in Europe. Sicily’s contributions to Italian cuisine include arancini, which are delicious rice balls filled with meat, breaded and fried. Be prepared to fill up on dessert when you're here, as several popular sweet treats originated from this island. The cream-filled cannoli, for example, and cassata, a sponge cake soaked in liquor and layers of icing. Try these treats at Caffè Sicilia in Noto, which was featured in Netflix's Chef's Table. Trust us, your sweet tooth will be happy.