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April 2, 2019
Zack Creach

8 Most Remote Islands You've Never Heard Of

Ever spin a globe and dream of exploring those tiny isolated dots in the middle of the sea? Maybe you long to go off-grid for a while or dive near some exotic coastline. Here are a few far-off retreats for those willing to trade in a cell signal and some amenities for some captivating travel tales. These are eight of the most remote islands you've never heard of.

Heimaey Island

Credit: Jodi Jacobson/iStock

If Iceland itself isn’t remote enough for your taste, then hop the ferry for a 40-minute ride to Heimaey Island. If your travel plans include witnessing puffins in their natural habitat, then you’re in the right place. The island is home to the largest population of these stunning birds. Puffins are known as the “clowns of the sea” for their amusing antics. Visitors can hike the Eldfell volcano, walk miles of trails or rent bikes to take in the tranquil scenery.

Tromelin Island

Credit: Aleksei Kornev/Shutterstock

Located 300 miles east of Madagascar, this tiny speck in the Indian Ocean is a bird watchers paradise. The island is a seabird breeding site and known for its abundance of green sea turtles. History buffs will be fascinated with tales of the 1761 slave ship wreckage just off the island’s reef. Landing on the island takes a well-skilled pilot as the airstrip is no more than a dirt path.