[A] Why was the London Eye built?
April 4, 2019
Zack Creach

8 Things You Never Knew About London

London’s popularity goes a long way in exposing it to an international audience, but that doesn’t mean the capital city is uncovering all its wonders to every tourist. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to reach the good stuff. Start poking around and you may be surprised at all of London’s dirty little secrets — exposed here:

London Is the Largest Urban Forest

Credit: Luke Abrahams/iStock

Boasting as many trees as people, England’s capital city is officially classified as a forest. And not just any forest; with roughly 8.4 million trees, London is the largest urban forest on the planet. Being adorned in greenery not only makes London look more appealing while boosting the price of real estate on “leafier” streets, but these trees also clear well over 2,000 tonnes of polluted air from the city.

Abbey Road Has a Spy Cam

Credit: berm_teerawat/Shutterstock

We’re not sure how many Beatles fans flock to Abbey Road to recreate the cover of one of Britain’s most beloved bands, but we’re guessing it’s a lot. And London is certainly aware of the attraction’s popularity. In fact, while tourists strive to create that perfectly in-sync walking shot across the famous zebra stripes, they probably aren’t aware that the Abbey Road live cam is also capturing them on video. After you make your crossing, head to the site and find the footage for yourself.