Christmas Villages That Will Put You in the Holiday Spirit

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! If you need a little help getting into the holiday spirit, read on to learn about five Christmas villages to get you in that cheerful mood.


Walt Disney World — Orlando, Florida

Disney Castle with fireworks in the background in Orlando, Florida
Credit: MateusandOlivia/ Shutterstock

Okay, we know Disney World was already the happiest place on earth. But it becomes even more magical at Christmastime. Think of Cinderella's Castle decked out with lights. There's a special holiday parade complete with Santa Claus and lots of holiday-themed entertainment with all of your favorite Disney characters. Of course, it wouldn't be Disney World without a spectacular fireworks show. And you can't forget about all the incredible holiday-themed food and treats.

If you have multiple days to experience the magic of Disney at Christmastime, Epcot also gets decked out for the holidays. At Epcot, you can celebrate Christmas like they do all over the world, with an international focus featuring 11 nations. You'll also have the chance to hear the biblical Christmas story told by a celebrity narrator and accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra.


Koziar's Christmas Village — Bernville, Pennsylvania

Koziar's Christmas Village light show in Bernville, PA
Credit: helen89/ iStock

For those who call Pennsylvania home, or anyone planning on heading that way for the holidays, it's worth making it out to Koziar's Christmas Village in Bernville. Imagine that local family that has every square inch of their house and yard covered in Christmas lights. Now imagine that house turned up to 11. Koziar's started as a family who just loved putting on a light show for their friends and neighbors. But it quickly grew to a massive light display that only gets bigger each year. And it's already been around for over 70 years! Boasting more than one million lights on the home, several barns, a gift shop, and the property in general, people drive from miles around to see the site.

When you visit Koziar's, you'll experience an unguided walking tour through the property. You'll see unique exhibits like Christmas Under the Sea, and an indoor and outdoor train. Plus, kiddos can sit on Santa's lap and give him the scoop on what they'd like for Christmas. Don't miss the gift shop and fresh-baked cookies too!


Denton Farmpark — Denton, North Carolina

Young girl in a light-up scarf and hat holding a heart-shaped light and smiling with Christmas lights twinkling in the background. ba
Credit: FluxFactory/ iStock

Perhaps the most popular attraction that brings people to Denton is the Country Christmas Train. This famous train takes visitors all over Denton Farmpark, which goes all out for the holidays. When you ride the train, you get to stop and get off at many endearing attractions such as the Gingerbread House, the General Store, and the Doll Museum. The story of the nativity plays while you ride the train. And the train itself is decorated with Christmas lights. You can also visit the church and join in with the caroling, or you can head to the Reid Plantation and enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride.

The Country Christmas Train is sure to be a family favorite. And Denton is a small town with a population of fewer than 3,000 residents. So if you're looking for a homey place to spend Christmas, Denton should be high on your list.


Cape Cod Enchanted Village — Cape Cod, Massachusetts

A pile of colorful lobster buoys stacked against a building in the snow with a Christmas tree in the window.
Credit: Jorge Moro/ Shutterstock

We've talked about country Christmas and Disney Christmas, but it would be a shame to forget Christmas on Cape Cod. Imagine all the things you love about Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with Christmas lights on them. Lighthouses are decked out with lights, garlands, and wreaths. Santa arrives to town, not by sleigh, but by boat. This year, the city hosts a production of "Elf: The Musical." If you've got little ones, you must enjoy the Santa's Village of lights and figurines at the Cape Codder Resort.

The tree lighting of the Lobster Pot Tree is a sight to see. Not familiar with the Lobster Pot Tree? It's simple. The city stacks a bunch of lobster pots (otherwise known as traps) in a pyramid shape to look a bit like a Christmas tree. Then the whole thing gets decorated with lights and bows! Kitsch or cute? You decide. Either way, we're sure you'll love all the festivities Cape Cod has to offer at Christmastime, making it one of the best Christmas villages out there.


Leavenworth Village of Lights — Leavenworth, Washington

Main street of Leavenworth, Washington with holiday lights
Credit: Checubus/ Shutterstock

Leavenworth, Washington, already has a unique flair due to the Barvarian-style buildings and streets that make up the city. But drop some snow and Christmas lights on there, and the town looks like something out of the movies. The downtown area has a spectacular lighting ceremony, which they repeat every Saturday and Sunday during the first few weeks of December so visitors can enjoy without being restricted to one date.

You can also make your dream of meeting a reindeer come true at the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm. And as if that didn't touch on all of the wonders of Christmas, you can bundle up and take a sleigh ride, with special themed rides for brunch and dinner available. And to top it all off, a visit to a Nutcracker Museum, which Leavenworth has.


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